Cindy Clemens
children’s book author

I love books, butter and bacon. But mostly books!

My favorite stories growing up were rhyming books with silly sketches. (Thanks Dr. Seuss!)  Then I liked mysteries and thrillers that my parents didn’t always know I was reading. (Maybe The Bourne Identity, sometimes James Bond and always Stephen King!)  Next came the classics: A Tale of Two Cities (liked it), Huck Finn (loved it) and Emma (actually, just watched Clueless-my bad). When my daughter was born, I read hundred of books about devious ducks, practical princesses and bunches of beasts that didn’t want to go to sleep.   I joined SCBWI (Society of Children’s Writers and Illustrators) and started writing…first personal essays, then picture books and finally middle grade novels.

Now, I read lots of different books:

  • Picture books with cows that type and dogs that fart.
  • Adventures about wizards, sports heroes and spies.
  • Novels with heart like The Book Thief, Wonder or The Sky is Everywhere.
  • Memoirs about writers, chefs and artists.
  • And of course, the occasional cook book (with lots of bacon or butter!)

    Click here to find out my favorite books (Will Grayson, Will Grayson), authors (Gordon Korman), heroines (Katniss, of course), places to write (in a hammock) and more.

    And don’t forget, read a book.  With a side of bacon. Not too crispy!


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